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(08-04-2010, 08:58 PM)windsor09 Wrote: They said my son isnt disabled but he is because he has all these things going on
That seems to be quite frequently happening.
We had a jumped up untrained sectery say that to us,but had a good old appology after i made a complaint and they admited she shouldnt of said that and that our son was classed as severly disabled.
What sort of care needs are you facing at the moment in regards to your son?
Have you got an actual social worker?
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Well what a bloody palava! After waiting many many many months and realising what a liar our social workier is we may have actually sorted out dp. however its not for the full amount i needed. Does anyone know if i can appeal for the extra, needed 13 hoursa a week and have only been given 8. I need a carer to look after Lucie whilst i am at college and work, they agreed to my work hours but refused the college hours saying that i chose to study therefore they wouldmt cover Lucies care for those times. What she doesnt get is that but getting my qualification i can double my hourly wage and therefore work half the number of hours!
Anyway, don;t like being lied to so my husband and i are currently writing a letter of complaint about our sw. We are still yet to recieve the money and am really peeved off that it has taken so long and we were promised it would start in time for Lucie starting back at school, was in a bad mood the other day and decided to ring, only to find sw was on holiday (she never seems to be in the office) and was asked to phoen back when she came back, told them that i wasn;t going to wait another day to find out what was going on, and after speaking to someone else, realised jsut how much we had been lied to. I think the threat of telling mehem i was getting stressed and upset and couldn;t cope anymore put there arses into gear, had the approval by 3pm on the same day!
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Ive asked family support and social services about restpite and they have called a family group meeting which no one turned up as they work full time etc so they had on the phone reports saying it isnt possible for the family to give respite support but emotional support yes and family support and socialo services are signing me off thier books and leaving me with no guidence or advice some ive found my own, me and the school are working so hard together its the professionals letting us down as where we feel that we are letting Bradley down. I just feel all the professionals turning up at the meetings was a waste of wages Im living it and they have read out of a book and will dictate what I should do and leave out practical support and advice. (sorry for the long reply but they have really let me down and turn are lives upside down the littke time they spent looking into why Bradley could behave the way he has and does untill they got a diagnoosis first hand I havent seen family support and social services since)
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Direct payments are sold to you as a way of giving you choice and flexibilty. BE WARNED! THEY ARE NOT! The council still decides how you are allowed to spend the money and on what services. I have just had mine stopped for no reason - no warning given either - they didn't even tell me. It was only because I rang up to ask where the payment was that I was told I would no longer be getting it. I appealed and they still said no.The whole thing is a joke and I will never ever go near D Payments again...horrible experience and horrible Social workers...I thought they were meant to be on our side!!

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