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Hi i recently got a request to take my son who was only 16 in May to a PIP assessment. Now classed as an adult it seems the dwp think he's ok to start dealing with his own affairs. He's staying on school and i felt it would be very detrimental to him to have to go through all this. I applied to be his appointee but they still wanted him to go for an assessment. So after years of encouraging him and trying to make him fit into the mainstream society, i now have to go and explain all his negative points to a jobsworth (independent my arxe) stranger while he's sitting next to me. Anyway to try and cut a long story short after numerous phone calls they said they would do a home assessment. I said what's the difference where we are sitting. More phone calls and threats to go higher up the chain they now agreed to do a paper assessment. Waiting for results but in going through this process i discovered all the outwrite lies, deceat and misinformation they are willing to dish out. The change from dla to pip for a 16 year old with autism is way to fast and early. I would love to be able to join some group that will challenge this and get the rules changed. Anyone had simular issues. Apoligies if this has been covered and should be in another thread.

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