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Thanks for highlighting this problem Minnie - and good for you sticking to your guns with wheelchair services!

Sam has this chair too, and it was the only one he was offered (though his physio did tell me it was a good one!) We have only got it recently so it hasn't been used much as he can walk short distances. i must admit to feeling a little worried now as we are doing a charity run on Sunday and I am pushing Sam in the chair! Think it will probably be a walk now, rather than a run!
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We had this chair and now have the bigger version. We were unhappy with the front wheels and we have had them upgraded to the biggest you can put onto the chair and this did make quite a subtantial difference to the stability of the chair. Our sam is not so good at pushing himself so we were able to control the stablity issues. We did have a few forward tipping issues, but the bigger wheels made a difference. The wider versin we now have we have found to be more stable, but harder to push. My personal opinion is that the bigger wheels should be as standard. It is a more passive chair, and wcs should look at the activity of the child not the cheepest option.
In our case, wcs changed hands to whizzkids charity, now we have an electrc wheelchair and the wider manual. 100% inprovement on the preivous service. They also work with my sams OT, which means he has continuity.

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