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My 3 year old son was supplied by WCS with an Action 3 Junior wheelchair. Adam is a very active user and I was unhappy with this chair for many reasons - particularly its lack of stability.

We were "reassessed" on January 27th and they admitted that "there are stability issues with the smaller versions of this chair" and said that the only other chair they can give him is the Blade which is less suitable for an active user like Adam. As you know, these things take time and we had to keep using the Action 3.

On Wednesday afternoon, coming in through the front door where there is a slight step (about an inch) the chair tipped forward and completely toppled over. He landed face down on the carpet of the hall with the chair on top of him. I have never heard him cry so much but luckily only sustained a grazed chin and a lot of fear.

I have heard from other parents on another forum that they have had similar experiences with this action 3 wheelchair invacare chair but that WCS have done nothing about it.

I e-mailed Invacare direct and received the following response:-

Hello Mrs George,

Apologies for the difficulties you have experienced with this wheelchair.

I have forwarded your concerns to Invacare France who manufacture the Action 3 Junior and asked for their comments.
To assist in our investigation, would it be possible to send me a photo of the chair? - of particular interest is front and rear wheel positions - this would help us determine if the best configuration regarding stability had been set-up for your sons needs.

It would also assist us if you could provide the serial number of the wheelchair so we can check the original configuration of the wheelchair - the serial number can be found on a silver label on the cross brace under the seat.

I have not previously been made aware of any problems regarding the stability of this model.

Kind regards,


Michael Hughes,
Quality Engineer,
Invacare (UK) Ltd.
Pencoed Technology Park,
Bridgend. CF35 5HZ
Email: mhughes@invacare.com
Tel. +44 (0) 1656 776 279
Fax. +44 (0) 1656 776 244

I am asking everyone who has had a bad experience or near miss incident with this chair to e-mail him at mhughes@invacare.com

I think that wheelchair services have not been going back to the manufacturer with their own concerns or those of parents. All those who have told wheelchair services of accidents deserve to have had that information passed on.

I have sent him photos of the chair and thold him that we intend to update Adam's website this weekend with details of the accident. I have suggested that if he can come back to me quickly then we may be able to put why it happened.

Please help me out. I don't want another child having an accident like Adam did.

Wheelchair services have still not contacted me, despite knowing that Adam is now without mobility. To say I am annoyed is an understatement.

I would be really interested to know if anyone here has ever had a problem with this chair. I have 3 people e-mailing Invacare this weekend. I think that if they get several reports on Monday morning they will have to take the matter very seriously indeed.

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Hi Rachel,
Its always alarming to hear of a story like this and im glad that Adam is now ok.
These sort of things need investigating and im am making this thread a sticky so that other members who may have the action 3 wheelchair by invacare will see this and be able to offer the feedback to you.
It seems Wheelchair services have treated you very badly and i understand why you are annoyed.
Could you speak with a department manager to push this forward and see what can be done?
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Thanks for that Daniel.

Adam's physio called me on Thursday. She had spoken to her manager and told me that the area manager for WCS was going to call me to explain why the only other chair they can give Adam is the Blade. I have told her that I will not accept a chair because it is "the only other one they can give" but that I want him properly assessed and the best chair for his needs provided.

The area manager has still not contacted me, despite my reporting it first thing Thrursday morning - I tried shortly after the accident on Wednesday afternoon but could not could not speak to anyone. I am disgusted that WCS have not even called to offer an apology or to try to arrange something else for Adam. This is despite them knowing that his privately funded chair is away being fixed. I will not put Adam back in the Action 3. It is dangerous and he has been very frightened by it.

He has a powered chair but is still learning how to use it and cannot use it in enclosed spaces or where there are a lot of people. He does not like using it in new places and gets a bit distressed prefering for us to drive it.

So they know my son is immobile and have not even bothered to call.
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my son is in the same wheelchair and its pants I have told WCS about this but they will not offer me anything else, we are going down the private funding route as this is the only way Toby will get his light weightchair. He hasnt tipped it yet but im sure he will do if I dont manage to get him a more suitable one. We have also been on whizz-kiz waiting list for 9 months.
As its their only means of getting around it should be top priority but try telling them that arghhhh!!
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Our little girl also has an action 3 which was all that we were offered. personally I dont like it either--feel its wobbly and definately not ideal. Our main problem is the lack of a crash tested headrest -see other thread, to allow her to travel safely to and from school. wheelchair services tried to say the one they suggested that we use is ok, though we knew not tested so wont use it. Like you we went on whizz Children waiting list still havent heard from them.

I think that its trerrible that wheelchair services provide these chairs to young children, instead of what would be the most suitable for their needs. Children deserve to be treated with dignity and respect -its their human right, not just to be given the cheapest option that can be supplied!

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