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(10-23-2009, 03:21 PM)Daniel Wrote:
(10-23-2009, 01:31 PM)loulou Wrote: Parent partnership never answer the phone!! lol

Have rang them today as the school are telling me to keep my son off from school when I think necessary - if in a bad mood etc.

I have heard that this is informal exclusion. They have sent him home twice this week already due to behaviour.

Stress stress and more stress.
I would advise they make it formalShy
Because at least then you can tackle the reason.
why are they sending home and what could they change to make it not happen?
They need to plan to ensure this is reduced.
Lou,i was unsure to suggest the education welfare previously but if they are excluding your boy i would strongly suggest getting a welfare officer involved.
Hi Daniel

I am going to send the school an email stating that they have told me to keep him off and that they had sent him home on the two days. I am also going to put down that I think they should lay off forcing him into inclusion and other stuff that I think may help.

At least this way I have a record that they have told me and a record that I actually sent them this. I am going to request in writing what they have said also.

I feel it is a disgrace that they have told me to keep him off - 4 la's and 1 teacher cannot manage 3 boys between them.....ludicrous.

I have contacted the social communications team who have helped set up the new unit and asked if the guy would come to the meeting after half term. He knows Joshua very well and he is really understanding of children with autism. So I hope he may be able to help.

They did not send him to inclusion yesterday but let him have his work in the unit. He had a good day (apart from being kicked badly in the face by one of the other boys) so Ifeel this proves my point.

I am even thinking of taking him out if they cant cope with him - but I really do not want to upset his routine again - 2nd year in a row.
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