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(01-03-2011, 03:15 PM)Andrea and Bradley Wrote: OK, thank you for that.
Is there the possibility you could move your son into the downstairs room and then make the smaller room a toy room?
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hiya im new 2 the forum ,i am just woundering i have a 6yr old son with cerebral palsy, i have had my council property adapted, through floor lift ramp hoists ect i have lived in the property for 4 yrs and now i am thinking of moving from stockport to liverpool, would i be able 2 move as my house is adapted, and i want 2 be close 2 my partner of 3yrs who i would like 2 move in with and be close to his family .
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hi, iam sure that a DFGrant is not means tested for a child aged nineteen or under this is regardless if the property is mortgaged or rented have moved out of private property to council and are going through the process of a downstairs bedroom and bathroom???
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we have managed to get the council to reopen our case for a dfg, they make me sick, first we had to pay for structural engineers report, then our own plans done as the council refused to let us have the ones they had done, then we had to pay for ground investigation even though we did get 5k from social services to help pay for investigation, which they then wrote to us and said sorry but you can nolonger have the 5k, they have then told us that they have had quote from builders of 60k for a very much needed bedroom and washroom and before they will release there 30k we must prove to them that we have the rest, they know goddam well we haven't got it but to us to remortgage if we could, so thats what we had to do, but now they saying they not release money untill we show them our old mortgage payments pluss we have to pay them a fee for the paper work and such what they've done, none of this was ever mentioned before, they can go jump, iam so fed up 5years this as been going on we have also had to pay £50 for an extention on the time left for our planning permission,even though it's through no fault of ours, the person who did the drawings and site investigation want about 6k and then this bloody woman at council is insisting we have a site manager to see over all work, in other words to pop round once a week to check progress and to comply with rules, but isnt that what they have just made us pay building regs for? not the same woman tells us, the fact that its the council who want all these things,extra checks site man ect shouldnt they friggin pay for them,,,,, NO we have to and they will not release a penny of dfg grant untill we do. to say iam on the edge just dont cut it, ive really had it.

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