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sorry if i sound like im moaning but just need to get it all out. where to start is the hard part. my son is four and has ASD and has started to self harm. this was difficult at first as a parent it was heartbreaking to see but how do i get him to stop it he is now doing it in his main stream school through frustration. he has indivdual pupil funding and is meant to have one on one support but is being given oppounties to hit other children. charlie has only been in the school since september and they knew alot about him when he started and told me he would be watched at all times but if he is being watched how is he hitting other children surely they should be close enough to stop the behaviour before he hits. im so stressed as dont no whether to confront the school or not as his last school where really horrible and dont want to risk this school going the same way. as they have helped charlie alot and are trying but he didnt self harm till he started at this school and was just wondering if anyone could give me some advice.
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I think you deffo need to speak to the School as its there problem when he is in school to make sure himself and other children are not being harmed Smile
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Is your son being watched over by 1 person at break and lunch times as this could be when his most vulnerble. And was it the school that told you about this?,as you have ever right to discuss this issue with them and try to come to a solution. My son at 12 still self harms at times,when he gets stressed or over excited with lots of stuff going on. Nat.
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Hi hun, seeing him self harm must be so upsetting for you. If this is a new behaviour now he’s in a new school then he must be really stressed out to do it. I would get in touch with your local CAMHS team (child & adolescent mental health service) and ask for their help urgently. You’ll probably need your GP or other health professional to refer you although they are self-referral in some areas. If your GP isn’t helpful then try the paediatrician. The YoungMinds Parents Helpline on 0808 802 5544 or http://www.youngminds.org.uk/ should be able to give you some advice while you’re waiting to see CAMHS. Or try http://www.kidsbehaviour.co.uk/childrenandselfharm.html which gives some links to other help available. You might also like to read The Young Mind by Sue Bailey, ISBN: 978-0593061381 which costs about £9.
You do need to talk to the school to see why he isn’t being properly supervised and what support they’ve got in place for him. Does he have a proper Statement and how many hours is it for? If he has then it should say exactly what they should be doing to support him and when. If it isn’t full time then maybe they need to look at doing a review of his needs based on the changing behaviour and circumstances. Your local Parent Partnership should be able to help you with advice on the support he gets in school, have a look at http://www.wired.me.uk/wpp/index.html or IPSEA can also advise on this http://www.ipsea.org.uk/
Hope this helps xx

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