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My son has Spastic Diapelgic Cerebal Palsy. He has increased tone in his legs and they cross over and tend to be very tight.
He is almost 4 and the aim is for him to go to mainstream school. Even if he is in an adapted toilet (which is going to be unavoidable) it would be really great if he were potty trained by the time he gets there. He goes next september.
I am aware that his brain dmage means he may not get the feeling to go. Speaking to the consultant, she wants me to keep going with the training as she thinks because of all his early input he is probably immature, which he is, he's been delayed in many ways.
We're continuing with the things which worked with my daughter, ie regular sitting on the toilet, weighting drinks for the morning not evening, but taking away nappys seems to distress him and as soon as he has an accident he requests a nappy. I try to be calm and tell him thats OK, etc, but he seems to be futher not nearer to getting the idea.
Does anyone have any experience of this? What did you do? Do you have any tips or any signs which might tell me whether he understands / feels the needing to go sensation? Or not?
Any help is most welcome Smile
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Potty training was a major issue for us as euans kidneys don't work properly so he wees constantly (he drinks and wees in excess of 3litres a day). We started off with no pants on, I sat him on the pit every 15minutes at first then slowly let it build but as soon as I put pants on he weed. It took ages to get out of that, what helped really was school and seeing other Children doing it, he wanted to be like them. His development is delayed too, he's very immature. We started with pull ups in school just so he could 'feel' like everyone else going and they changed him inbetween. Now I can tell if he needs it as he starts to hold his trousers or twiddle Blush also, sometimes I just have to make him go if I think he's gone a bit too long, if we're going out or something. I still carry nappies in the car incase of an emergency and he still wears them at night. Also if he's ill and hasn't got much energy he wears one but atleast now at school he feels a bit more like the others. He'll be 5 in march and I'd say it took about 12months to go through the whole process, we started about 3.5 and it took until this summer to really nail it in the day xx

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