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Hi my son Louis 14 attends a special school and now in year 8. Last year they had louis in a classroom setup were they were focusing on self help skills and social skills as louis academic learning was very low. He can not read or wright and his overall learning is at infant levels . This year the school has changed the setup and louis has a time table that covers lessons such as french maths humanities ect, they say this is due to the intake of students this year and they cannot have the same class structure as last year . I have had a meeting with the school at stressed my concerns as louis seems very unhappy and i know he is unable to cope with the work, He can not add 2 +2 without assistance so how can manage this amount of accademic work. I am so worried for him and i have tried to explain to the school that i feel louis needs more help with self help skills so he will be able to live indipendintly one day. Louis cant even read or understand the value of money so cant go to a shop and buy himself some sweets . surely they should be spending more time on things like this??? His statment assesment was reviewed last june and all of the targets set was for social and self help skills so surely they are not adressing these . Please please help

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