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Hi, My daughter Abi started in foundation class, with a statement for 25 hours one to one support, in September. She has had a teaching assistant in the morning (dif one in afternoons) who has had input from the class teacher, the Ed Psych and speech therapist. Abi has a speech, language & understanding delay (assesed at 2 yrs 10 months, her actual age is 4 yrs 3 months) caused by a processing problem so has needed to build up a rapport with her one to one and has began to talk a little at school (has taken half a term). However when we took her to school last Monday we were told her one to one had been moved to a different class and had been replaced by a TA Abi had not met before.

Abi's class teacher is very upset at this occurrence as is the TA who has been moved and neither know why the change has happened. We have emailed the head and she has replied with some waffle about there being more needs higher up the school but as Abi still has one to one but now with a stranger this makes little sense to us. We phoned our Ed Psych and she said this was not good and contacted the school but has now come back to us and said she has no power to do anything about the situation. To cap it all our education officer has said it is up to the school how they provide Abi's support!

We feel powerless and cannot understand how the school think this was okay to do especially without any sort of hand over. Please can anyone give us advice who might have power over the school? I know the government has been handing power over to schools but this is scary to think that one woman (we think it's the SENCO who probably wouldn't recognise Abi if she saw her) can do this when all the profs that know Abi agree this is not in her best interests. I am going to speak to a governor next week but she has already said it is likely they cannot help.

Thank you for reading my long post,

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