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Hi, after using glyco on and off for 2 years THINK!! we may have been given the wrong advice of how to administer the drug!! took our son to respite he had a great time when we collected him we were told he had not had his glyco because of the directions on the box said it was for IV or IM use not to be swallowed. we have been drawing the injectable solution up through a filter needle and giving it through his peg. anyone else on the same medication worried now! no one will administer without the written consent of the consultant.
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i give this drug to my daughter orally and we have never had anyone refuse to give it either respite or when in hospital, i suppose it depends on what you use the medication for, my daughter takes it to reduce her dribbling and the medication is actually a anesthetic but the side effect of it is that it redeuces secretions which is why it works for her, but maybe for an anethetic it would need to be IV or IM?
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we were originally given the IV/IM preperation for scott but the pharmacy refused to re issue it and gave us the liquid,not sure why we werent given it in the 1st place.but scott now uses omeperazole IV preperation as his tube keeps blocking but because it is off licence it needs a consultant to sign it off.

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