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I currently rent my home privately, its 3 bedrooms but the third bedroom is tiny and can fit a single bed in it and that is all...no toys/wardobe or anything.

The second bedroom is a good size and i would love for it to be my sons room as i believe he would be much better in there. However, he cant currently use it as the window in there i single pane, i worry about him falling into it (he has ASD and does have big tantrums and no sense of danger) and also as we live next to a train line it is quite noisy in there due to no double glazing.

Does anyone know if there are any grants available to cover the cost of a new window being fitted? The majority of the house is not double glazed but it is only the one window i want doing as i really feel it would impact positively on my sons wellbeing.

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Just looking at the single glazing option does the window allow cold in and does it leak in anyway?
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It doesnt leak but it does allow cold in. Though my main issue is that it is single pane and very old, so not safe.
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I don't know anything about grants to change the window, but could you make it more safe without going to the expense of changing the window? How about fixing some perspex to the inside of the frame? This is available from ebay in a variety of sizes 'relatively' cheaply, and depending on the thickness you get can absorb quite heavy knocks without breaking. If its an old window its probably got a wooden frame so would be quite simple to screw it in place.

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