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I think I'd firstly just check that it wasn't a quick isolated incident first (clumsy child, 121 picks him up, dusts him off etc?) that the parent was referring to - unlikely I know but it could be!
If they really are using Euans 121 for other people, thats not fair at all - on the 121 or Euan. If the money is there for that purpose, thats what it needs to be used for, not cost cutting by not hiring enough staff etc.
I've just been having a discussion about this with someone else a few hours ago, where money for SEN children wasn't even being used in that department! Insane!
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Part of the problem is that even if medical care is stated in the statement it isn't legally enforceable unlike the education part. This means that schools can effectively do what they want. My daughter has complex health needs (in addition to learning difficulties) and for this very reason I want to send her to a special school where there will be more support for her health care needs. She is only 2 1/2 and her statement is just being written. I have already made my views known but I know I will have a fight to get her into special as it just isn't the policy locally.
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I think you are 100% right on this and sadly it seems to be common place. It is up to the school to apply for statements for other children, your son has medical requirements and that is an absolute priority. It feels like we are all being told put your child in mainstream and then the schools are glad to have us because we bring in an extra TA - grrrr! I hope you will feel able to say something and sort this out promptly. Please let us know what happens.
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I used to have something to do with budgets in another part of the civil service, not education, but reading this has left me with some questions.

People used to come up to me with complaints similar to this one all guns blazing, only to be happy with the situation once they knew the full story and the reasoning behind it. With anything to do with my children I'm like Jekyll and Hyde, I'm very calm and reasonable until I get both sides of the story but then let go with both barrels if I think its justified.

A big question about the funding for 1-2-1 care is whether or not the funding is ring-fenced. I know of a prison governor who nearly got sacked for fraud because he spent a ring-fenced budget on something else. Is it possible to provide 1-2-1 care while still completing other tasks? My son has a trachy and requires constant 1-2-1 monitoring, but whiles he's playing or having a nap I'll be in the kitchen doing the dishes, or typing this post, as long as I'm available immediately should he require it. If a teaching assistant was monitoring my son and saw another child need urgent assistance and could do so without compromising their availability for my son, if they didn't provide the needed assistance even though they could they would not be the sort of person I would want caring for my son.

And I disagree that the medical needs, whether or not they are stated in the SEN, are unenforceable. Surely every school has a duty of care to meet the needs of all of its pupils. If they don't do that for a child with extra needs surely that would be enforceable either under their duty of care or the equalities act?

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