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Euan has been statemented for a full 1-2-1 package full time at school and he has a full time dedicated support worker who is meant to be with him at school throughout the day.

However we went to a childrens party yesterday and one other parent was talking to us about her childs needs and how the teacher has been good to him etc.

The teacher being Euans nominated 1-2-1 support worker.

The support worker is performing medical care to Euan as well as educational work but it now appears she is doing this medical care to this other child as well as others.

It also transpires that Euan is left alone at lunchtime in the playground even though a clear need has been expressed and also written in his statement for support in the playground as he has very complex medical needs and also needs fluid balance monitoring and also medical input but it now seems they are not providing this at lunch time as his nominated 1-2-1 is actually giving medical support to other children.
So if his 1-2-1 is working over lunchtime then surely she has a lunch break afterwards and if so who is then helping Euan?
Its certainally nobody who has training on his button or fluid balance or other issues?

I worry so much about this and when there have been days he has been sent home with his fluid bottles full when they were under direct instruction on how to monitor this and to ensure he had the fluid.
When we pulled them up on the fluid they said oh he has to drink all the time we just thought when he was ill....
Grrrrrrr.....Lack of fluid balance makes him ill.....

That was resolved quickly but now thinking well if hes not having one to one then surely this gives reasons for these oversights.

My view is clear and am i wrong in thinking this.

The money that Euan gets is the highest amount this school have ever been granted for a child and they have said he is the most vunerable child medically they have ever had and being that they are getting full time money for 1-2-1 they should not be using this money or staff member to provide care for others at Euans expenses especially as this member of staff was recruited especially to cater for EUANS needs?
Is this selfish?
I really dont think it is as the school should be employing somebody else for others needs.

Its just annoying as the SENCO is such a nice person well she appears this way and could it be just smoke and mirrors?

I will be having a word shortly with the school but do other parents agree with me or the school?

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I totally agree with you!!! if your child has full time support then thats what they should get!!

if the other children have a medical needs then they should have their own statement and their own sypport staff!
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Daniel we going through some thing similar with chloes 1 to 1 she as been set on just for Chloe needs even at play lunch times but when i questioned some thing last week i was told chloe don't need help in her work so she helps other children, but its not her work we need her for its her health issues she needs some one 24-7 due to drop attacks blue episodes, seizures gastric feeding and choking, so when chloe was found in toilets she had banged her head they had no idea if was drop attack or just being clumsy, plus i was told they had a little panic they couldn't find her. so am now think have i done right sending her to main stream school ? the head of foundation said oh well we don't want one teacher following her all day its hard work but thats why she got set on . what do we do about this Daniel?
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I hate hearing stories like this-just makes me mad!! It is so unfair on our little ones.

We had 2 incidents at the start of term during the dinner hour with our little girl. She is meant to have a 1 to 1 at all times and these incidents wouldn't have happened if someone was with her! The first incident I questioned the teacher but let it go as mistakes do happen but on the second occasion I asked the headmaster if we could pull her out of school during the dinner hour as we felt she was unsafe and she was obviously unsupervised at these times!! Thing soon changed and he didn't want us doing that at all, they have now employed someone to cover the dinner hour!! And not job sharing my child between another!! No way.

I would go in and raise your concern to the headmaster! Just so unfair that our little ones are not having the care they should have! Ok going to calm down now but reading this just makes me sooo angry.
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i agree that they wouldnt have given the funding if euan didnt need it. the 121 is there for euan and euan only. matt gets 121 but doesnt really need it except at break and lunchtimes so i am fine with them helping others as matt doesnt like ppl around him all the time but the difference is he is 18 and can make that decision for himself (yet cant choose his own dinner go figure lol) and it was given when he was 16 and not due to be reassessed until he is 19 but euan is a different issue in that his medical needs alone require him to be monitored at all times and that is why the funding has been given and if his 121 cant be there all the time due to needing breaks then they need to hire someone to cover her
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