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AAAAAAAhhhhh !!!!!... cont... Feel the need for a bit of a rant..feel absolutely frazzled at the moment. Have appointments coming out of our ears at the moment!!!!!
Just this week, We have had speech therapy, going to collect new hearing aid moulds, they had sent the wrong ones, so an extra disrupted school day for no reason, audiology test in one hospital, another visit to a different hospital to pick up special shoes from orthotist dept, going to pick up "new hearing aid moulds" - they had only sent 1, instead of the 2 I had asked for as they tear easily. All along with the traditional nightmare of parking in hospitals. Taking daughter also to dance class, trampolining,swimming lessons and we started on a 'MEND' exercise/nutrition programme yesterday. Oh and fitting the boring norm, shopping, cleaning, washing, cooking, organising the family, dog to the vets, might as well move to the park/playground, a little youth support job of an evening. Oh almost forgot about organising a sleep study with a respiratory nurse, trying to find out who to speak to about getting a sleep sensor mat. School meetings, getting passport photos taken for "mend" meeting, paying a colossal library book fine - as forgot all about the books. ...... a day off would be great !!! hahahahahah.......
smile smile smile !
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haha i feel your pain! Smile we have had 13 appointments this week plus a TAC and school assembly.got driving lesson this morning then SALT and I AM DONE! i don't think i have parked my bum on a chair all week but hey i would be bored otherwise! Smile
Hope you get a break soon. Smile
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lots of hugs
hope that it settles down for you

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ugh, its never ending! Fingers crossed a sit down / feet up / cup of tea (glass of wine?!) moment is coming your way soon!
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