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hi every one hope you are all well , i havent been on here in ages :o(
i was just after a bit of advice , my middle daughter who isnt disabled has always had problems with walking and falls over all the time , she now has insoles, she has seen various physios and they all say she has hypermobility which they cant do anything about and basically havent offered any more help , she has just gone 3 and am dreading her going to nursery in january because i know she is going come back covered in cuts and bruises , she falls over about 3 times per 100 metres and crys over short distances because her legs hurt , and all i am being told is she will grow out of it , but its a struggle evry day to do the school run , i havent much a clue about hypermobility and presume its not really a disability but i feel she gets overlooked because all attention is on my younger daughter , would i need a official diagnoses to make sure she is supervised more at school ?? i just am not sure what to do xx any advice greatly appreciated xx
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Hi, my son was born with club feet so I know exactly how you feel!!! Even though he has always been under the hospital the best and most honest treatment has been from private physio treatment that I have paid for. Yes it will cost (about £25 a session) believe me it is the best money I have ever spent!!! I urge you to seek out osteopaths in your area and go for a consultation. It took 10 years to see Callum walk straight after one private physio session.......all the hospitals want to do is operate and all that has done to callum is scare him.....hope this helps xxxx

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