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Its really not your fault!! My oldest has no diagnosis, but am sure she has ADHD, my middle one is autistic and has selective mutism and hearing problems, and my youngest is showing some signs of something although im waiting for her to start nursery to see if she changes then as im not sure whether its just copying behaviour from others. My middle one has had selective mutsim since she could talk, she is now 6, and its not as bad as it was but she still wont talk much out of the house so i know how it is :-)
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(09-14-2011, 05:55 PM)Lucy Wrote: Awww hunni (((hugs))) life wears us down at times but you know you knew best all along and its nothin you or anyone else has to blame yourselfs for. Hope your feeling better about things now....is their a plan of action now she has a diagnosis??xx

well i hope to get a plan made now,we have a TAC in the 26th,i hope included in that plan will be to not put her on the naughty spot for not speaking.Bless her she spent nearly 6 months of school sitting on that mat because she wouldn't speak to the teacher.
I've recently told the learning mentor if she is placed on there for anything other than actually being naughty,ie,hitting,throwing that kind if thing i will be rolling it up and shoving it where the sun doesn't shine! she has agreed that maybe that strategy doesn't work well for mutes,erm you think???!
Jess is really frustrating as she is my one child without speech issues and yet doesn't speak,at home you can't shut her up!

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