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I have 2 sons,Scott has alot of health issues due to a neuro problem,my 8 year old Shaun has dyspraxia,speech problems,hypotonia and hypermobility.
My 5 year old daughter Jessica has now officially been diagnosed with selective mutism,i've always worked with the school and told them that she can talk but cant at school and other certain situations.
They have always maintained that it was a behavioural problem due to the chaos that is my home since Scott was born!
However she has now been mute at school since she started nursery 21/2 years ago,so after lots of assesments they have decided she is a selective mute just like i have been saying!
So now all 3 Children have something going on and i wonder what did i do wrong? i feel bad if she has become mute due to the stress of her baby brothers condition. Sad
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Awk its not your fault but like all us parents we do feel like that at times and i'm sure its not due to Scott either , they are just looking to fix it on something but I'm sure it would have happened either way xx
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Hi Chrissie, I hope that you're ok? Must be hard at the moment but at least you finally have a diagnosis for your little girl. Don't blame yourself as my best friend who has one little girl had a diagnosis of SM until she was 8 and then things just changed.......

My friends little girl DID have SM and never spoke outside the house, never in school etc and then at the age of 8 she did start talking to a friend in school and her mum outside the home (shopping trips, at granny's house etc) within about 4 months she had started talking to myself and some other members of the family. A year on she is completely NT and you would never know that she had suffered with SM, absolutely amazing really. There had been no changes or any reason why all of a sudden the big change!!

Just wanted to let you know as things can change over time, not that I would have believed it a year ago. Good luck.
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Hi Chrissie,
Its nothing you have done i assure you Smile

We have 3 children,one with a genetic condition and autism traits, and a daughter with waiting diagnosis aspergers but we do have Alfie who so far nothing....
Lets hope we can keep it that way though Big Grin
But as you can see out of the 3 we have the 2 with there own various issues and its nothing we have done but we have felt the same feelings as sometimes its just the way the proffesionals make you feel going through the process.

The good old but there good at....
Oh but we......

And many other types of excuses we have all seen on this forum.

Dont blame yourself but be glad now that with the diagnosis the school cant blame your "home situation" as they also tried with us and they tried to make us feel that maybe Emily was strulling because of Euans medical condition,funny that because we first asked about Emilys issues before Euan was born Big Grin

Keep your chin up and at least now your daughter can get the help she needs Smile
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Awww hunni (((hugs))) life wears us down at times but you know you knew best all along and its nothin you or anyone else has to blame yourselfs for. Hope your feeling better about things now....is their a plan of action now she has a diagnosis??xx

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