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Hi all , my son Cole is 3 years old and has issues that no-one can tell me what his problems are , He is like 9-12 month old . Last few days have been a nightmare . He just keeps screaming this I can handle but its the biting with it and hitting , although he doesnt no he is hitting he has just worked out he has hands so his movements are like a 6 month old . He normal sleeps really well but has been all over the place . I know he is in pain somewhere think due to his reflux and he has trapped wind badly . I know if I take him to the doctor they will just say viral infection as he wont let them look at him . He is so strong and fits back but its only because he doesnt like being held down . I'm 5 months pregnant and not had the easiest times with it , long story but I'm on my own with the children . My daughter is 15 years old and has no issues and she is finding it hard at the moment as well .My son social worker is awful and has done nothing , makes appiontments and never turns up . Today has got on top of me and have spent most of the day shouting at him , he wants held but then starts biting , my hands and arms have bite marks every where . Really don't know how I'm going to cope when baby comes along . Cole is normally a very happy soul .He has no speech or gestures for what he wants , he is trying to walk round things now which is great but also hard with me bending down all the time and even with carrying him . Just felt today like running away from it all , have only been getting few hours sleep from being pregnant really but been more tired this week with Cole . Just so tired of him hurting me and him not understanding and then me getting cross and then feel guilt for shouting at him in the 1st place . Just wish he could tell me what is wrong . He will be starting a new school in few weeks and I know he will calm down more as he will be with other people that have the energy for him at the moment . This is the part of having a child with problems that I find hard at times :-(
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I can see why you needed to vent!! You certainly have your hands full. I hope things settle down soon. As for feeling guilty about yelling - it happens to the best of us. I lose my patience from time to time and yell at my daughter for things I know are out of her control but have just driven me crazy for "the last time". Hang in there!

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