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Hi everyone

ive not been around for a while as i have been busy coping and just getting on with it.

Today however i have had some news that i have been waiting for, my yougest son has been given an ASD label officially. This is nothing new and i have been trying to get him 'rubber stamped' for a long time - long story but when the eldest went into a wheelchair i didnt have the energy to fight for both of them at the same time.

I normally cope very well with his autism and my eldest son being in a wheelchair but today has felt like a huge roller coaster and im sat here very upset.

My daughter has this evening been awarded 3 governors awards at her school for outstanding work (a very long story but she went to comprehensive a year early in september 2010 as she is amazingly bright) and i find myself sat here cross and scared and in a huge turmoil about the unfairness of life.

I know that you have to play life with the hand your dealt with and not everyone gets aces etc but why? its hard enough haveing one 'disabled' child without having to stretch to cope with 2 and still try to be 'normal'

I have no outside help, my husband works away from home a lot and my family is next to none existant

I dont normally moan but i just need to let off some steam

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Hi sounds like you've been having a rough time . Its never easy bringing up children anyhow and its hard when your doing most of it on your own . I only have one child that has special needs and I know how tough I find it at times .Like you I don't have much support . I've an other child who is very bright and I feel bad as her life she had to grow up lot faster , as I was dealing with it all on my own . I'm now due an other baby , long story but I'll be bring the baby up on my own , and there is a chance that this baby will have problems as well , but I'll handle it when I get to that stage . Do you have a social worker that could sort out even a few hours a week rest bite ? We all get so tired and fed up dealing with what hand we've been given at times but its hard when you've no-one else around to let steam off to , think we let it boil over sometimes until something just upsets you and then you feel bit low .

Hope your feeling bit better with having a rant xxx
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well done to your daughter you must be proud of her. must be hard when you are doing most of the work yourself.
Do you have a suport worker that helps you if not maybe contact your health vistor to see if she can help you. Also do you have a sure start children's center near you as i have found them very helpful
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I know how you feel, I also have a child in a wheelchair and then another child with autism and it is hard juggling everything and I often feel I am driving myself mad trying to keep everyone happy. I then have my eldest child who is great, and very bright and feel she puts up with alot....but I do believe she has aspergers so that would make 3 out of 3 special needs lol

You must be so proud of your daughter but I know the unfairness of things just hits you sometimes... chin up and dont feel bad about having a moan...I do plenty lol

Hugs xx
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