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Oh dear, this is no good, we're going at the end of the month, we visited Drayton Manor & were not happy with their facilities for the disabled...looks like we will be in Guest Services sounding off AGAIN!!
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Just to reply to the original post, we have just come back from a weekend away staying at Preston with our three children all whom are on the autism spectrum. We had original thought of going to Blackpool Pleasure Beach but after reading this I am glad we didnt bother. Instead we went to Camelot Theme Park which isn't far from Blackpool PLeasure Beach. Very easy to get to. parking was a dream. staff were amazingly friendly and helpful. We were given passes for the children so they didnt have to wait for any of the ride if they wish to go on. The jousting shows were brilliant. It was a lovely day out, maybe you could try and tempt your daughter elsewhere....
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I have now persuaded my daughter to go to Camelot for her birthday instead. They were very helpful on the phone and we will not have to queue for the rides and we can all eat together. I certainly will not be visiting Blackpool pleasure beach until they change their policy.
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I am going to be speaking with a Journo on Monday in regards to running this story.
As you can see one of the people intrested in the story has already joined:


From both the facebook page and here it is evident that people are quite simply not happy about this and are avoiding the area in general and staying away from Blackpool.

There was a recent law in 2010 called the Equality Act 2010 and it provides important rights not to be discriminated against or harassed.

Under the Equality Act 2010 it is unlawful for service providers to treat disabled people less favourably because they are disabled. The service provider must not indirectly discriminate against a disabled person unless their is a clear reason to do so.

Also service providers must not treat a disabled person unfavourably because of something connected with their disability, unless there is a clear and fair reason. For this form of discrimination the service provider must know or should reasonably have been expected to know that the person is disabled.

Therefore a clear line has been drawn and in my view Blackpool pleasure beach and there disabled policy have not made reasonable adjustments as they have quite simply stated that carers should join the Q on there behalf but there is no reasonable adjustment to help the disabled person themselves.

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Please let us know how it goes with the journalist. Hopefully it will make Blackpool Pleasure beach reconsider their policy

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