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This is surely discrimination we possibly couldn't go here has a family my daughter is tube fed i wonder if they would make me leave her feeding pump at the gate how disgusting but then again nothing surprises me nowadays !!!!!!!!!!!!
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As promised the first page google result now for
Blackpool pleasure beach disabled policy

You can find this:

This means now this thread will be read by those looking up the park and hopefully will put people off travelling due to there outdated policy.
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I have just found and read Blackpool Pleasure Beaches Disabled Policy and I am disgusted with what I have found in it!!

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Blackpool Pleasure Beaches disabled policy - page 20 made me angry!!
Access to certain rides may depend upon the
number of ride vehicles in service at the time.
During peak periods, there may be insufficient time
during the ride cycle to cater safely for the needs of
our guests with disabilities.

And page 21 - very angry!
At certain times of the day during busy periods,
queues do form for certain rides. We recognise that
for some guests with disabilities (particularly wheelchair
users) this may present difficulties. We ask
that if you have a non-disabled companion then he
or she queue on your behalf, and ask a member of
staff for assistance. In order to fairly accommodate
all our guests, we ask that following a ride, no
return is made to the same ride for a period similar
to the current queue time for that ride.
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I think policy makers always make the fundamental mistake of seeing a disabled person ? child as being one on thier own... we are families... we have able bodied who want to have access as well as our less abled child... you cant split us up to go eat or go ride , or que , or anything else... jees its not rocket science is it . Lets give Blackpool Pleasure beach the oppertunity to bring in some forward thinking policies ... after all looks like they will be starting from scratch by the looks of it

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