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Has anyone any experience of Blackpool pleasure beach? It is my daughters birthday so we are planning to go on Monday but i think my other daughter will find this difficult as she has aspergers. I have just phoned them for some information and was told that if she is unable to queue we will have to buy speedy passes - this makes it really expensive. My other daughter wanted to eat in a restaurant as it is her birthday but we are not allowed to take a sandwich in for my disabled daughter. I was told that i could leave her sandwich at the gate and when she wants to eat she has to leave the fair, eat it outside and then come back in again - i have never heard of anything like it! I am now starting to dread what should be an enjoyable day out but it would be unfair on my other daughter to change her birthday plans.
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hi i love blackpool, but hearing what you have said about not taking a sandwich in is disgusting , i would ring back and speak to a manager about it and while you are on the phone see if they would give you a speedy pass . i do hope you manage to have a nice day and get it all sorted out. and happy birthday to your daughter too.
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Must say that there policies are outdated and wrong have you seen the disabled guide they produce:
Worth a read and couldnt believe the amount of rides people in wheelchairs cannot use.
Also the fact they expect carers to join the Q for those who cannot Q and wait in line for them..... Sad

AND I THINK THE OMG moment was the following article:

Which i pick out the following:
Bosses now say disabled people and their carers will be allowed free entry, providing they do not go on any rides.

But at least if a carer does go and dont want to go on the ride a free carer is allowed in but in all honesty most children will need there parents with them so again its not good enough....

I think Blackpool pleasure beach is due one of our disabled access reviews Smile
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OMG thats disgusting, how can a carer leave there child to queue up to get on a ride, are they daft or something, companies like this really get on my nerves.
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I Will not be visiting any time soon!!!!!! Just awful.
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