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we recently had our 2nd genetics appointment to try to diagnose my boys and see if there was a genetic link.
Anyway it turns out both my sons have neurological conditions but not genetically linked.they are not sure if my older boys was caused by a difficult birth (he was a crash section) or whether it is just mine and my husbands DNA don't get along!
We still cannot find a reason for Scotts issues so they want to do a full genetic review and test him for every condition they can.
i really want another child,not yet but i don't want to rule it out but if it is that my husband and i don't make boys well( have a daughter too) ,he says no.Sad
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Hi i'm waiting on my son going to genetic's . Hoping he gets seen soon . I'm due a baby in January they were talking about doing test on the baby but because they don't know what is wrong with my son they have said they wouldnt even no were to start . Wish i knew now although i'm not thinking to much about if this baby will have issues are not and will handle it if the issues comes up . You get so fed up waiting for an answer at times . Hope they find out what it is with your boys x
Single mum to a 14year old daughter and a son who is 3years old who has severe learning disability , hypotonia , hypermobility , visual impaired and sensory issues , he has showed me the meaning of life Heart and 3rd baby due 2nd of January 2012

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