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My 4 yr old sons room is an odd design, the door to it was a sliding/folding door and the only way to stop him getting out was to put a door stop under the door. He has tried his hardest in the past to open it but has always given in when it hasnt budged. This evening, he didnt give in and pulled the door off its hinges and it fell on him.
Luckily he was unhurt but obviously this cant happen again so we have had to put a baby gate in the doorway to secure him in there. It is not possible for a new or 'normal' door to be fitted so i am looking into a secure bed.

I want something with high sides- just like an oversized cot really that he cant climb out of. This is for his own safety.
Does anyone know where i may be able to get one from? And also anywhere i may be able to get funding for one as i realise it is going to be expensive.

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you could try fledglings http://www.fledglings.org.uk/index.php
and as for help you could try children today, Family Fund or caudwell children
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have you got an OT? they should be doing an assessment to see what equipment is needed, they dont always have funding to supply but they should be able to help. also a good site is http://www.livingmadeeasy.org.uk/children/beds,-cots-%26-accessories-2832/ and they can help you to find funding for them as well
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Hi, no i dont have anyone involved in his care- only the special needs school where he attends. Thankyou for the link, i will have a look.
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