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dont know if anyone heard in the news about adults with learning disabilites getting abused at Winterbourne View care home
watched it on bbc i player and it was soo upsetting

heres a link about it in news

and to watch it on iplayer heres the link

i hope they get all sent to prison and locked up for it
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i watched it last night, really wish i hadnt as it stops you trusting anybody, fortunately this is rare its not in every care home but with matt reaching 18 and having to go into adult respite and not one i have got to trust but guess it would be harder to abuse adults who just go into respite for few days as how would they explain the bruises or the refusal of most to go back to a place they would be abused. think i am glad that where he is going to a friends daughter works there and will be keeping an eye on him (though i havent told the staff there that hehe)
i think they should get more than fired they physically and mentally abused those adults, i dont know how the undercover bloke managed to keep back i would have knocked that blokes head off, felt so bad for the parents when they were shown the footage but when their daughter had actually been telling them there was something wrong and they still did nothing is going to stay with them for life now
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I watched it earlier and it reduced me to tears. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it, it was just awful to watch. Can't understand how anyone can treat other people like that. Hope they all get locked up for a long time and treated like that by other prisoners, they deserve it.

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Absolutely distgusting awful.

This is the one reason along with neglect that my daughter will NEVER go into a care home,ever.

This goes on more than wed like to think .
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heartbreaking, i agree about thinking twice about trusting people, i watched this then left a carer to look after my son through the night. a lovely lady but got me thinking i dont really no her.
I never thought it would happen to me.

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