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Hi, any advice greatly appreciated especially with regards to if I'm going through the right channels.

We own our 2 bed terrace house. My 4 yr old daughter has a smaller than single room, we share a double with my son. He is now 11months, hypotonia, oxygen during the day. Ventilated at night. We had looked into applying for a DFG for a room on top of our existing kitchen for my son but were told it wasn't an option. Which is fair enough because tbh we don't have enough room downstairs anyway. They tod us to move so that's what we are trying to do.
The house is up for sale and we had hoped to buy bigger but due to my sons needs I've returned to work 2 days a week and we've found no one will give us a mortgage. Our current mortgage payments are 992 a month and we simply can't afford it. If we don't sell soon we will be in arrears. Weve looked into renting but one issue is the bond and a month up front also what happens if your rented home needs adapting and the owners don't want you to? Do you just have to move? so I thought I'd try the council. Our portage worker said the OT should assess our home and say it's unsuitable and help find a new one. This sounds a bit too straight forward. I asked my Health visitor wo said shed look into it and to ring housing. I rang housing who said the first step for everyone is filling in the application pack and then making an appointment. does this sound right? Have I missed anyone out that can help speed the process up?
Many thanks
Rach x

Mam to Thea aged 4, and Nate nearly 7 months hypotonia, breathing difficulties ( oxygen and BIPAP), dysmorphic features, undiagnosed genetically as yet.HeartHeartHeart
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Hi you do have to fill in the council housing forms. There is also a seperate medical form that will give you extra housing points for your sons needs.
This you need to get done ASAP as it can take quite a while to process.
The OT is correct in the fact you need to have a husing asssessment done. The specialist OT will come out to assess your hosuing needs, then will write up a report stating what your needs are. Again the wiat for this assessment can take a long time so you need to get on the waiting list ASAP.

Hope this has helped a little. Everything does take time though.

Going through the some sort of thing at the moment only we dont own our current house. We have had to wait for 10 months to get the OT housing assessment done and I was given the wrong advice and told not to complete the housing forms till it had been done so now we are having to wait for the forms to be processed hence taken well over 12 months before we can even start looking for a new house.

Glad luck and hope you get everything sorted soon xxxxx
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Hi, we were in the same situation our house was mortgaged and was unsuitable for adaptations. we filled in the council housing form and was awarded band 6 the lowest band. we then requested a medical assessment this was done and we were moved up to band 2. we began to look for properties but could not put our house up for sale because the council would have seen this as making ourselves intentionally homeless. our second bid for a property was successful it already had some minor adaptations, roll in shower and stairlift. we have had ramped access to the front and are currently trying to get a dfg for downstairs bedroom/bathroom. we are now in a better area, better home, garden and off street parking.
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hi there , i see you live in the north east is it east riding council?
we had a great housing officer when we asked for a council house , he managed to find us a perfect house within 6 months that needed no adaptions doing as it was already done was in a great area and was only up the street from my mums house. when you have filled out the forms and found out who your housing officer is just keep ringing them for an update every few weeks . if you dont here from the ot department for a while give them a call too cause they can be a bit slow. get other people involved to like social worker, disability support worker, nurses etc..

hope it works out for you sooner rather than later x
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We were also in the same situation as you regards having an owned property but not being in the position to buy another suitable property.
We used a disability team that specialise in getting housing for disabled people all we had to do was fill in a mandate to allow them to act for us and they then contacted all the local housing association's and council's.
We were assessed by each housing for medical grounds which was no problem due to the disability team filling in the forms with all the relevant information.
Anyway we were quickly offered a variety of different houses that was suitable for our needs and eventually settled on a 3 bedroom new build property that was totally adapted for our needs and had everything we required.
The housing didn't insist on us selling our owned house and left us to make our own decision on what we wanted to do with it to sell it or let it.

The very best of luck to you.

Linda x

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