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Hi im new here and realitivly new to all of this, i have an application form for the Family Fund and id like to apply for the driving lessons, but im unsure wether it would be worth while me filling it in,.

my 10yr old daughter has been diagnosed with very severe SLI, with no short term memory, she is mentally equal with a 5yr old. she is statemented and now in the process of being moved out of a main stream school and into a special SLI school. she also is in reciept of DLA ( high care/ low mob). i have 3 other Children and its a nightmare trying to do things with her by having to use pubilc transport, for any activies she has they need to be 2/3 times a week for once a week is no good, also the school that she needs to go to is 12 miles away and in an emergency id never be alble to get there. hope i havent waffled on. but should i apply. or is there any other things that i could apply for, ( i have just seen the merlins magic wand for i didnt know about that either, )
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Hi Alison,

Most definetly worth applying just list what you need in what priority you need it family fund are very good.
Good luck.

Linda x
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it is worth a try to ask for driving lessons, i know that they used to be for BSM
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yes apply, if it is going to better your childs life in anyway apply.
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Go for the driving lessons! I did them with family fund, and the independance I have now changed my life!
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