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You could always try caudwell children or children today
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I work for a charity called Caudwell Children and we provide support for families who have children with additional needs across the UK. We provide a variety of services:

Family Service – Family support services both within the community and in hospital, short breaks activities at times of crisis.  

Equipment Services – Electric wheelchairs, buggies, trikes, car seats and sensory equipment (which we will cover 80% of the overall cost and the other 20% is covered by the family).

Treatment Services – Access to life-saving surgeries and treatments (we will fundraise for up to £2,000 towards the cost of the treatments)

Steps Programme – Life changing therapy and support programme for children with brain injuries and their families (we will contribute up to £2,000 per year towards the treatment cost).

Act Programme – Holistic therapies and support programmes for autistic children and families (we will contribute up to £2,000 per year towards the treatment cost).

Enable Sport – Sports equipment to enable talented athletes to participate in competitive sport.

Destination Dreams – Fully supported family holiday for children fighting life threatening illnesses at Disneyland Florida.

For all of our core services families need to have a gross family income of no more than £45,000 per year not including benefits.

Our website is the following http://www.caudwellchildren.com and if you want any additional information or support filling out any of our application pack for some of our service please don't hesitate to contact me....
Bounce Ema Harker
Family Support Coordinator - London
Email - ema.harker@caudwellchildren.com
Tel - 07975 981769
Web address - http://www.caudwellchildren.com

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