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for those of you who were rightly outraged by his comments, your voice were heard
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i dont think the result is that good tbh. i cant believe that a chief executive of channel 4 actually knew about these "jokes" and felt there wasnt a problem allowing them to be aired and channel 4 dont even have to give an apology never mind a fine and oftel cleared the episode where he made comments about people with mental health problems
what they are basically saying is have a slapped wrist as we had so many complaints we have to do something but its not that bad is it. ffs jonathon ross lost his career for making a telephone call even though everything that was said was true, regardless what ppl think of jordan this didnt give anybody the right to make discusting comments about her son and insinuating a different relationship than mother and son and then to pass this off as "oh its just a joke" and what happened to freedom of expression. i know what i would like the freedom to express but as a moderator it doesnt set a good example Blush so i will finish this and scream elsewhere hehe
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