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The wheelchair services may be able to help. It's definitely worth remembering that many wheelchair services no longer require a referral from a healthcare professional, so always check to see if you can make the referral yourself. And if they do require a healthcare professional, you don't have to wait for your OT, your GP, physio or anyone else involved can also make the referral....On Living made easy for children we have information on finding your local wheelchair service and also have information on alternative sources of funding.

On Living Made Easy for children we have a four-wheeled buggies section with a range of prices, which also includes a Major buggy manuafactured by Maclaren. (Sorry I am currently unable to post links).

Hope this is helpful.
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hi thanks for the replies. i have tried behaviour management course and its really difficult as charlie can act total different every day depends on how he is feeling. so hard to apply them as many strageigies work for a while then dont. cant use wrist strap have tried as well as reins and buggy boards but he doesnt like things on him such as straps gloves etc so wrist strap is difficult. will try my local wheelchair service and speak to my gp hopefully they will be able to help.
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we got our buggy from wheelchair services after going through about 4 in 2 years (used to take them back to index and argos as they were guarranteed for a year hehe) does your son go to a special school? if so they may be able to help if you dont get any support from o/t
its not always a matter of putting children in a buggy because its easier, we had one for matt till he was about 6 and gave up because he could escape out of it (better harness's nowadays) so i would end up chasing him while hoping the buggy wasnt getting stolen. we tried wrist straps but he was able to remove them from the age of 2, he now has a backpack and when he is out with college they grab hold of that if he starts to wander off as he is too old to be holding teachers hand at 17

behaviours of an autistic child are very different and much harder to control than other disabilities (otherwise the "experts" at matts respite wouldnt have given up and kicked him out) they can be very intelligent but without even the slightest understanding of danger and very little way of teaching them they can also be a lot more manipulative without even realising they are as they dont understand that we live in a different world to them
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i dont know very much how asd affects children with there behavior and every disability different
but isnt there a way cahlms (child mental health team) beable to help you out with advice
if he goes to a special needs school (what about some ideas off them )

or giving him a task to do when you taking him places
look for certain things on the route he goes ( like make him a map ) with things to look for
make it a game ( just an idea)
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i have just recieved my buggy of the wheelchair centre much to my delight Charlie loves it and going out is so much easier if thats possible. i have tried everything you can think of such as giving him a task to do etc but as austic childrens behaviour differs each day depending on factors that have happened what works one time maynot work the other. i dont have him in a pushchair because its easier it safer charlie has no awareness of danger and often runs off or into the road so in his pushchair i no he is safe. he isnt in a special school is in mainstream with indivdual pupil funding.
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