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Sorry I haven't managed to get back on here recently, we live in Stockton-on-tees.
I have since had the return visit from the school nurse who will now refer him to the continence nurse, I have no idea how long this will take?? For something so basic I can't believe it is so complicated to find the service we need.
I have found the Tena size 7 nappies to be good quality & absorbant too, just in case anyone is thinking of trying them.
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We have 6 yrs and 10 months old boy who have disable and uses nappies 24hrs. since 2015 we have been trying to get nappies help, but could not get any. Our GP referred us several time to local incontinence services who said "they do not deal with disable children any more". Is there anyone who knows, how to get help?
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Waiting for a update on this. Logan will be 2 this summer and has bowel and bladder issues. We use several nappies with him too. NHS continence services have finally agreed after me calling them repeatedly to check on things to just send us these nappies for our son.

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