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Sorry I haven't managed to get back on here recently, we live in Stockton-on-tees.
I have since had the return visit from the school nurse who will now refer him to the continence nurse, I have no idea how long this will take?? For something so basic I can't believe it is so complicated to find the service we need.
I have found the Tena size 7 nappies to be good quality & absorbant too, just in case anyone is thinking of trying them.
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We have 6 yrs and 10 months old boy who have disable and uses nappies 24hrs. since 2015 we have been trying to get nappies help, but could not get any. Our GP referred us several time to local incontinence services who said "they do not deal with disable children any more". Is there anyone who knows, how to get help?
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Waiting for a update on this. Logan will be 2 this summer and has bowel and bladder issues. We use several nappies with him too. NHS continence services have finally agreed after me calling them repeatedly to check on things to just send us these nappies for our son.
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you can or might not decide to enroll in a support organization. if you do, however, you have plenty of selections. here are the distinct styles of corporations to be had; to locate one that suits your needs, simply ask round or check Google!

School-Based Groups :-
there are various reasons why families with unique wishes might want emotional aid. coming across a little one has special needs may be devastating and hard. dealing with precise desires can be hard and overwhelming. managing fallout from prolonged own family can be trying. coping with financial problems can be paralyzing. while going via vital emotional issues, it's generally useful to fulfill others who have been there and executed that. on occasion some different man or woman's research or answers may be more useful than any therapist.
If time is brief, or if you revel in uncomfortable about sharing personal emotions with a neighborhood company, you may moreover keep in mind on line help organizations. these provide the resource you may want with the introduced bonus of relative anonymity. agencies like ​discern to determine will really fit your needs with a determine mentor who has lived via comparable reviews.

faculty-based organizations:-
most American college districts have determine businesses committed particularly to households with special wishes students. these corporations are, glaringly, now not nameless. alternatively, their reason is to discuss and advocate for the needs of unique wishes youngsters within the neighborhood district. they will also invite speakers on relevant subjects, including contributors of the district personnel who may be capable of answer figure concerns and questions.
faculty-based totally businesses, while they're by no means healing, can be extraordinarily helpful. neighborhood dad and mom understand greater than everyone else about how to address troubles in the school, in which to discover the great therapists, what forms of programs are to be had, and which are really worth some time. local parents also are natural pals, and their Children can also turn out to be friends together with your infant.
on the downside, parents might not consider each other about what the district have to be supplying or paying for. determine A may additionally experience strongly approximately inclusive lecture rooms at the same time as determine B is advocating for specialized support applications. determine C may also have a baby with slight problems who needs a gaining knowledge of professional even as determine D is pissed off at the lack of appropriate instructional equipment for their bodily disabled baby.

local groups:-
some areas are domestic to aid businesses that offer sources, services, and assist to dad and mom in a specific geographic location. those are commonly formal non-income with at the least a few paid personnel and volunteers.
An example of this sort of local group is the Asperger/Autism community (AANE) which serves families with autistic contributors within the New England location. further to supplying webinars, audio system, and resources, the employer additionally runs aid organization packages for a big range of human beings.
There are assist companies mainly for dad and mom of adlescent boys, dad and mom of minor girls, dad and mom of youngsters, dad and mom of tweens, adults married to human beings with autism, single adults with autism—in brief, when you have a member of the family with autism you may discover a face-to-face assist group this is experiencing precisely the identical challenges and problems that you're dealing with.
The downside of a nearby company is that it is able to be an extended distance from in which you live. which means you could should both go back and forth in your assist institution or connect on line.

national corporations:-
national agencies are full-fledged, huge-scale non-profits, but that does not suggest they cannot provide neighborhood help to mother and father. some, like Easter Seals, variety membership, and The ARC, have neighborhood chapter supplying a wide variety of offerings to each parents and youngsters.
In some ways, getting connected with a country wide employer can be quite helpful. staff members are connected with and informed approximately everything from social safety to adult offerings to housing, and they can assist with locating offerings, investment, colleges, housing, packages, or even employment for your baby.
Of route, national agencies won't be capable of come up with the determine-to-determine insights or supports you might get from a school or local institution. So it could be to your first-class hobby to mix and healthy.

Advocacy and Public coverage agencies:-

Advocacy and public coverage corporations are not guide businesses in the regular experience of the word. at the same time as they help help the funding and packages that make day by day existence possible for many households, they hardly ever provide any 1:1 advice, businesses, or maybe programs. some, however, do plenty greater than simply lobby and advocate. as an instance, the american Diabetes foundation offers programs including summer season camps in addition to awareness activities, nearby calendars, and assist with neighborhood fundraising.

whatever your toddler's disorder, you'll discover a national business enterprise committed to supporting. You may not locate neighborhood pals, but you will find facts, possibilities to vote for problems that situation you, fundraisers, and other ways to aid the reason.

Thank you.

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