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(03-04-2011, 07:33 PM)Daniel Wrote: Well as i knew already the radio station knew she was going to do this......
The woman Claire Khaw is her name as pictured below is a regular for causing trouble on radio 4
Here she is:

I found an article on her which gives her background for stirring trouble

And she is a regular caller on radio 4 and causes upset where ever she goes on purpose.

So the radio program knew she would have these views and aired them to cause a reaction.

Disgusted at radio 5 live for even giving her this platform to air these disgusting views with the purpose of causing contrvesy.

This Woman is living in the dark ages she has to be.

And if the Radio did know she was going to say those things then they where in the wrong to let her on just so they could get us all talking about their show after all that's what gives them free publicity
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Is she living in the dark ages, or was it just an intentional plot to annoy?
Either way....I am astounded it ever got to air. I could not have held my emotions as well as Riven did. Hats off to her for keeping the moral high ground with such dignity.
Riven, could well be any of us on this forum. We have often thought or read of someone having an off day/week/month...all Riven did was vent her frustrations on Mumsnet, and the media have gone in like vultures.
We only get 4 hrs a week respite, and Zak has similar diagnoses to Celyn, though a bit more complex. So on that note, I think she is lucky to get what she was already....but it doesn't take away from the fact that she was struggling, and if Mr Cameron, who I had such high hopes for, promises to improve things, he should come good on those promises. Sadly, along with my high hopes, he has let them down.
I don't know if it is just me, but it feels like this new government, who I had hoped would have more compassion and understanding what with Ivan and the Cameron families situation, are targetting all of our much needed services. It is most likely a generic, across the board thing, but it really is starting to feel personal.
We are losing our PCT...I cannot imagine what it would be like to bring a disabled child into this world without the security net of a PCT. The socal workers, nurses, physio, salt's, specialist teachers...I felt confident in my own abilities, because I had their support and back up...this is going...who do we turn to now?
In some ways I'm pleased this 'womans' views were aired, because sadly these 'people' do still exsist. I have had personal experiences of it, when some 'woman' called my son a vegetable, and constantly referred to him as IT!...I despise with a passion the anger and upset it has caused, but if we can take anything from it, we can hopefully educate a small percentage that this sort of talk is NOT acceptable, it is deeply upsetting, and is likey to cause a massive reaction.
If she knew for just five seconds how much 'these children' do actually contribute to society, she would have second thoughts. 'These children' remind us all of what is important in life. Its not about the high flying career, or the car on your drive, or even the drain on the taxes....it is about life, love, acceptance, passion and compassion, devotion, happiness, pride in your achievements, stopping to smell the roses, not letting a single day pass you by or be taken for granted, seeing all your hard work being rewarded by a smile or a hug, not a huge salary, and being extatic that it was all worth the fight.
Rant over!
Mags, Mum to Ash (12) and Zak (4). Zak has very severe spastic quad CP, Lennox Gastaut Syndrome, Reg blind, Gastrostomy fed, profound GDD, Epilepsy and bloomin' cute.
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I am also speechless ! x
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I am going to put my neck on the line here......
But i really do feel the Tories are getting lambasted in the media for the sake of it to a degree.
We have a very Labour led bbc who focus on cuts cuts cuts and then we have other media outlets such as the Daily Mirror reporting cuts cuts cuts and of course its going to make us all worry when we hear cuts cuts cuts all the time.
But has anything changed for us at the moment here in Birmingham i cant say it has and it hasnt got better as well its stayed the same at the moment which i find harder to accept that nothing is improving.
But i wouldnt say its getting any worse really.
Also worth noting that this is a local council who makes the choices in regards to the budgets etc and the area is a Liberal Democrat council and has been since 2004 way before the current goverment were formed.
Its easy to blame a national goverment but in this case its a local council making these choices and this particular local council are known for wasting lots and lots of money.

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which is why I get cross, when they won't ring fence the monies intended for these services. They can dip into it as they see fit, and much needed services are missing out.
You can put your neck on the line Daniel...I won't chop it off...I agree with what you say. Think it is just easier to find someone to blame.
Mags, Mum to Ash (12) and Zak (4). Zak has very severe spastic quad CP, Lennox Gastaut Syndrome, Reg blind, Gastrostomy fed, profound GDD, Epilepsy and bloomin' cute.

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