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good luck with it Becky!
You ok?
You seem quite lately?
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(01-04-2010, 08:28 PM)Daniel Wrote: Following on from my previous thread about the assessment process for conditions such as Autism and Aspergers i conducted some research and come across a useful organisation for anybody struggling to get a diagnosis or are feeling let down by the system

An independent organisation who conduct assesments for a small donation of £50.00


Hello Daniel,

I came across Bibic recently and sent off for an information pack.

I was just wondering how the medical profession and education authority would view reports from an organisation like this? I was told that a lot of professionals discount reports from outside bodies if they are not the same people that they use Huh

I would welcome any advice from you or other members please.

Thank you.
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i have heard that reports from independant assessors if you call them do nt count and cant really be used to get any or some of the support out there.

the whole system from refering to assessing is all a shambles and need a good kick u th backside to help these Children with thier needs.
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I've been told the same, also asked about maybe going private (I wish) for diagnosis then back to NHS for the rest and GP told me they might not necessarily accept the diagnosis neither would the school.
Ben is awaiting referral to occupational therapy about his sensory issues (sooo many) and occy therapy will not accept the referral without documented evidence of the sensory issues!!!! grrr. I'm collating the evidence myself as I can do it faster than my G.P.
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Has anyone here actually used this company ? or heard by word of mouth about them ? i'm quite interested in the assessment part of things as we are struggling at the moment going through the normal channels :S

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