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Yours is exactly the kind of case we are trying to highlight!! i cannot understand why they pick the age of 3 when a child can be affected like you say from such a young age!! euan used to be on his feeding pump for fluid in the day and carrying that plus all the other things like nappies etc would of been awfull on a bus!! its nice to hear peoples stories Smile

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That's exactly why the law needs to change. My friend who has a similar issue with getting around was furious when she spoke with DLA people a couple of years ago and they told her that until the age of 3 we are supposed to either stay indoors or arrange childcare and if we cant cope then it's a social services matter!
Needless to say that conversation was denied when she made a complaint but if thet's the feeling amongst staff in the DLA then something has to alter.
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(12-30-2009, 10:29 AM)Daniel Wrote: Parents of disabled children are now looking to seek some real answers from the Goverment in relation to mobility allowance and its current age of 3 as a minimum age.

Under current guidelines only children aged 3 or over can only qualify for mobility allowance. Those children under 3 years old are left without help or assistance from Mobility allowance. Even when the child does reach the age of 3 they have to qualify for Higher rate mobility and if they do not reach higher rate they must wait until the age of 5 to get lower rate payment.

We at Parents of disabled children would like to see a review in regards to this policy and we will press for answers from the goverment in relation to this.

Our first stage is to set up a petition and we ask that you as members please help us reach the signatures required to obtain an answer from the Goverment.

We can bring change if we do this right and you can help make this a reality by signing the petition.

Please tell your freinds and family to sign this and put it on your facebook,spread it via Twitter as we really can make a change and with your help we can work towards this.

Please kindly sign the petition now:

Please members lets make this a reality!

Brilliant idea ...well done !! Have signed it and will get all my family and friends to do the same!!!
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Thanks for the signature.
Rememeber every little helps.
We will be pushing this on a final ramp up very shortly as well.
So members please take one minute of your time to sign this if you have not already.
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I really want to sign this but due to recent events there is a halt on petitions. As soon as it is up and running again I'll sign it and pass on to other people.

Thomas really needs it but is supposedly too young, the trouble we have with him because of his autism is unreal, but the chances are that they will not class this as the proper criteria and he'll be lucky to get low rate
Keely x

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