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(12-12-2010, 07:39 PM)Lucy Wrote: She's exactly right though, they wouldn't allow it about race/sexuality etc so why disability? And a child too? The most vulnerable section of society?! Someone on the facebook page said that their child got laughed at for being in a wheelchair but how are we meant to educate society if we allow these kind of jokes to be made and she's right! Shame on channel 4 x
its bad that he makes comments about a child
and it makes it even worse that hes disabled
i agree with u shame on channel 4

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Have sent my complaint!
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Have sent mine too, I can't stand Katie Price, but goodness knows how she must be feeling after hearing somebody ridicule her child so publicly? I'd be devastated!
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It's just another case of people picking on the people who can't fight back it is cowardly and disgusting. People don't understand what it is like and you can bet if it happened to them they would be the first to scream about the injustice. I had already complained when it was first aired as I was watching it when it was first shown and was shocked so I just complained right away. Unfortunately channel 4 is not as strictly controlled as the BBC because it is not paid for by television license money and so they get more of a free run in what they air. It is one of the only channels to use the C word repeatedly as well. I hope they do sort it out and make him apologies because regardless of how people feel about Katie Price and her conduct as a mother the comments are derogatory to a poor defenseless child and indeed to all children suffering from similar conditions. ugh it is just the world we live in and it is awful I literally dread the world my son will be in when he is grown up!!
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done.he was out of order.

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