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I dont want a weighted blanket, I'd be too scared of him still getting underneath it and not being able to get it off him!
Primark only do pink girly adult sleepsuits, dont think he'd be too impressed lol
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Try fledglings.org.uk. they do all in one sleepsuits for bigger children with toes in too if you want them. we used to have some for Sam but now he's in regular pj's as he couldn't goet the sleepsuits off to use the loo.
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(10-11-2010, 10:29 PM)mummy_of_matty Wrote: Bit disappointed that the only 6-10 is the spotty one! I wanted a boy one! They aren't too badly priced though Smile


what about a weighted blanket? that would keep him warm and stop him wriggling.
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My daughter is only 3.5, but we have to use grobags with her as she rolls all over the place and would never stay under a quilt. I have bought size 3-6 years grobags and they are massive, so depending on how big your son is one of those may fit. i have also bought a few off ebay as they seem to have a lot for sale on there for 3-6 years. In boys designes too. I have also seen a few of the 6-12 years ones on there too, but not as often. I have setup a search for grobag 3 years and saved the search so that it emails me whenever a new one is listed. you could do the same for grobag 6 years and sleeping bag 6 years.

I have also seen 3-6 years and 6-12 years in T K Maxx, if you have one of those stores near you i recommend regular trips to check they're stock as they get different things in all the time.

As someone else said, Fledglings do sleeping bags and sleepsuits, probably an expensive option, but an option none the less.

You can also get patterns to make your own, if you are into sewing that is :-)

Finally, my daughter is still in a cot bed, but she is starting to fill it. Our OT said they can supply a sidhil solite bed, with mesh safe sides. I have looked on the website and it doesn't look any bigger than a normal single bed. You could have a look and take down the mesaurements to see if it fits and then see if your OT can supply one. They're website is www sidhil.com.


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there is a website called the all in one company that makes them to order in different patterns and plains but i cant get the pages to open as laptop is playing up (can u hear me santa??) but worth a look, there is also a thread i will look for on here with some sites for them too
togs4sprogs was one
mothercare have them up to size 6/7 at £17 prob not the cheapest but they are on buy one get one half price and they have toy story and other up to date ones http://www.mothercare.com/Toy-Story-Walk-In-Sleeper/dp/B003USCEN0/sr=1-2/qid=1291584587/ref=sr_1_2/280-1313807-9578413?_encoding=UTF8&m=A2LBKNDJ2KZUGQ&n=44527031&mcb=core
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