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yeah they not great for bigger ages are they but i guess just glad somewhere actually does that size and they do 3 different togs xxxxx
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I know we discussed before with someone that primark do up to adult size in the fleecy sleep suits, if they don't include feet you could always slip on a pair of bed socks Smile or would a weighted blanket be of any use!? Xx
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Or how about a small hallogen heater just for in his room!?
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Hi there,

These suggestions sound good, there are a couple of weighted/sensory feedback blankets on Living made easy for children: http://www.livingmadeeasy.org.uk/children/blankets-for-sensory-feedback-3495-p/ that may be helpful.

Good luck!
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this is our sleep system, they come in all different sizes, this is a cotbed one. the side bits are velcro'd on so you can put them where you like and ours came with a memory foam mattress topper too. we got it from our physio but i assume you'd normally get it from an OT, we didnt have one at the time.
carrie x

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