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I have a child can walk to some degree, but generally is in a wheelchair. I am looking to buy a car with a wheelchair lift into the back of the car. I have three other children (with no disabilities), so I need 3 seats in the middle of the car, as well as the lift in the back for my disabled son. Something looking like this:

[Image: 9SntXEm.jpg]

My question is that sometimes we don't need the lift. On certain days he can walk ok, and we want him to be able to sit in the car on a normal seat. Is there a model of a car or type of lift that even though it has a lift for wheelchairs on the back of it, a seat can easily be screwed in the place, allowing 3 seats for Children in the back, and an additional 'temporary' seat in the back, where the wheelchair lift is.

Thanks very much for any help.
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