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Hi lm Jean and my daugher LIsa has Autism and cerebral palsy although she is not a child anymore she is 23 l use the trem not a child anymore lightly as she is really not a lot of real speech just says yes and no in right places or whatever she thinks you want her to say if she is asked a negative question she will give a negative answer and the same goes for positive questions her she is now she also has hirchsprungs disease in her bowel and is now being tested for crohns l thought the new symptoms was to do with her hirchsprungs but specialist says no now so have to wait for her to have gastroscopy that will be fun on the whole she is a happy wee soul tantrums are fading slow but sure but she doesnt like clothes on she rips them up l have good suport from my family which is a god send
enough about me and mine hope everyone else is well and coping
take care
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Nice to see members getting into the post and introducing themselves on this post.
Hopefully more members will be along shortly to say hello.
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My name is Donna and my freinds call me Dolly since school and it kind of stuck,im 24 years old and from Kent.
I have an 2 year old boy who is my only child.
He has GDD and struggling to find out why.
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Hi im Donna,i have a daughter Dallas 9 yrs and she has Aicardi Syndrome which is a rare neurological disorder,which includes agenesis of corpus collosum,severe seizures and retinal luancea.

Problems which arise from this syndrome is sight problems ,though she sees fine,seizures daily and non mobile.

Dallas is our angel,she is a happy little girl who always smiles.Though she has lots of problems she is healthy and loves her food.

I have cared for Dallas for the last 8yrs while my husband has worked,though last year we decided for my husband to help me at home and give up work after she a scoliosis surgey plus we have little support from our families.

Its hard hard work but she is our baby and we will keep fighting for her no matter what.
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its true, no matter what age theyre still our babies Big Grin i never used to get it when my mom told me off when i was 18 and would say 'your still my baby' but now having 3 of my own i totally agree. Euan too is a food lover, albeit certain foods hehe they told us children with cystinosis didnt really eat but then they met euan who could probably eat all day bless him!


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