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hi i get high rare dla care for my son but being on a review to try to get high for mobility as get low rate.He has adhd,conduct disorder,autistic spectrum and physcotic disorder.I didnt no if it was worth trying to do it for it if its worth it. I find it hard to park away from places etc,nightmare.
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(07-26-2010, 08:17 AM)CainsMum Wrote: We do get an extra amount of Tax Credits now, I remember them being adjusted last year, when Cain first got his DLA awarded,(took 6 montsh to process his claim, so had loads of backdating lol) but i'm not quite sure by how much.

But I hadn't even thought about whether that part of the TC should or shouldn't be taken into account when working out my finances
I have just been on the phone to my local JobCentre & now have a meeting with them this afternoon to sort out what's what!!

Thnak you Groovy xx

Last year i made my husband give up work to help me (he's going to college in september) and we went to the local benefits office to see what we were entitled to. They asked what we already got CTC DLA Pension etc, but they only asked for the amount on things that are taxable, then they told us that Alan was entitled to claim carers for our youngest, income support and housing benefit. They did take the Carers and small pension off the total of income support.
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