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We're on the waiting list for a formal sleep study at Alder Hey but they did say it may be a long wait as the list is very long. I'm happy we are getting one but I do feel that now looking back it may have been more appropriate at an earlier stage I just didn't realise this sort of thing was a possibility really.

My little boy has suspected congenital myopathy or myasthenia awaiting more test results he's 32 months

anyone else had any experience? I'm not sure how easy it will be to get him to keep all the equipment on, I'm a bit worried about that
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Hi, my little boy had a sleep study in Sheffield, basically they put some sticky bits on chest and then carry on as normal, feed, drink and sleep when he wants, they have a camera in the room and can monitor from outside, very painless and they can give you the preliminary results then next day. Nothing to worry about but would benefit your son. Good luck and hopefully your appt comes through soon.
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Same as Angelbaby, my daughter had sleep study at sheffield, nothing to worry about apart from the fact that Chloe refused to sleep because it was a strange place - more of a wake study than a sleep study lol. She wsa being observed for apnoea.
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Euan is due to have one completed soon as well so thanks for the input as its great to see whats what!
Although i know he will be so curious about the stickers but if he handled the overnight EEG he will be fine Huh
The overnight EEG which i thought NO CHANCE actually really suprised me so my advice is try not to worry to much as our Children suprise us and make us feel daft Blush
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" of my children have had sleep studies; one was done at home and simply moitored os sats and heart rate which was enough to diagnose sleep apnea. My youngest daughter had one done in hospital earlier this year as a pre-op investigation before a spinal fusion. There they measured o2 sats, heart rate resp rate and she also had monitors picking up expired air (cannot remember why!). She was videoed the whole night. As some one has said we got results the next morning.

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