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Huhhi i have a son in the process of most probably be dx with dypraxia. i get no support from school. its so icolating. he is 5 and a half.
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Hi and welcome to the forum!! The whole reason we set up the forum is because we can totally empathise with feeling isolated Smile there are others who are having problems with schooling and lack of support. I can imagine this to be very frustrating, asif we haven't got enough to worry about Smile Feel free to have a moan, especially about schools Big Grin they seem to be a very popular topic!
What sort of problems is your son having?
Luce xx
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hi, i totally understand. my daughter diagnosed with D.A.M.P.{ Dyspraxia-add}. at age 7. after seeing endless doctors and professional.To be told at age 5 nothing wrong with her its actually me.But i carried on constantly moaning,complaining. Got education phycologist in and she saw it straight away. I have no faith in the school and they no it,My daug should get 1 to 1 support daily but is not having everyday.So i have now asked for meeting with all involved. Just because she looks normal. Every child deserves best start in life and we put our faith in the education.School need more Education on effects on special needs as i hear alot of this now ..Our Children deseve best just because they have learning disability.... dawn
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My 6 year old son has dyspraxia(along with other illnessess), his school was useless aswell, in the end i started home schooling him until a place at another school that i know treats those with special needs better and with better support.
He was suppose to have 1 to 1 but never did. The school also marked him late 13 times in one term because he took longer than the others to undo his zip on his coat and hand his coat up(although the teacher admits she knew he was in because she had seen him on all occasions, he wasen't in the classroom by the time the register was taken.
My son had physiotherapy for 3 years, then moved onto hydrotherapy and now has weekly occupational therapy.
He has a body board which he lies on and pulls himself along using his arms to help get some coordination and also has to do arm exercises before starting any writing etc.
I always find that most people don't know what dyspraxia is and tend to ask me is it like dyslexia which is really frustrating sometimes.

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My daughter Georgia (16) is diagnosed dyspraxic, adhd, speech & language delay and severe learning difficulties. I did attend the Dyspraxic Foundation group in Norwich when I first moved to Norfolk but found that most of the problems were more physical than Georgias which made me feel more isolated. Georgia attends an excellent local Complex Needs school which has helped her immensly.
My problem now is getting funding for her to go out of county to an excellent college which will consolidate all the hard work the school have put in.

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