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Hi there my daughter has cerebral palsy she is now 23 so a lot older than your Children she also has epilepsy she can walk a bit but not very safe she is really content and enjoys going to her day centre and art classes
it hs been a long haul getting to the stage lm at now but everyday has been worth it hope to be able to share some experiences with you all

take care
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You mention about the sleeping yes we too have this.
Often can sleep for 18 hours a day.
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isnt it crazy how some Children with disabilities sleep for 18 hours and others are lucky to get a few hours.
Our Children are just crazy in there own littlle way.
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Hi, I'm new here, just joined infact. My son Zak has very severe spastic quad CP. It affects every part of his body and development. He also has a severe form of epilepsy called Lennox gastaut syndrome, which causes him to have 30+ seizures of varying types every day and night.
Zak is 2 yrs and 8 months old, he can't hold his head up, roll, sit etc, and has no control of movement at all. We have to change his position regularly to stop him getting pressure sores. His diagnosis came very early on. It was suspected from the first week he was born but not formally diagnosed till he was a couple of months old. He is a full time wheelchair user and tomorrow starts nursery at a special needs school. My wee boy is growing up!
We live in south cumbria x
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hi i am awaiting a diagnosis on my daughter jaimee she is 14 weeks old and they discovered a grade 4 bleed when i was pregnant we have had mris etc but are now just in the wait and see stage and finding it very frustrating :o(
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jaimee grade 4 ivh hemiplegia cp and global development delay
love my 3 girls all the world mommys perfect princesses xxxx

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