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Hi Emma my name is Alison and I have an 8 year old son (adopted at 3 1/2) who has ADHD and Attachment Disorder (may have a little FAS thrown in too) He has some global delay, comprehension is restricted and emotionally he is stuck at about 2 years. I live in Salford and would love to chat if you like.

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hello if anyone want to arrange a meet up day when the Children r in school so we can have a coffee and a chat let me know we can arrange something if anyone is up for it would love to meet other parents going throught the same as me
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anyone got a blind child
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Hi All,
Im not in Salford as such but just down the east lancs in St helens Smile But great to see theres a few quite close xx (Also Becca - Not sure if she still uses this site but she too is from up bolton ways) xx
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Don't think she's been on in a while bt I still txt her to see how she is, if anythin was arranged I could always let her know to see if she'd be up for it too Smile x

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