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what do you use for getting your child around on holiday abroad?

he is 3 1/2 has ASD - he is a good walker but has quite severe unexpected behavioural meltdowns. im terrified of being out and about and this happening. he is too big, heavy and violent for me to cope wih carrying him...not sure what the options are


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I don't know what to suggest other than some form of wheelchair/pushchair but then you say he's a good walker and his meltdowns are unexpected, are they frequent? I'm just thinking that you might not want to be lugging a wheelchair around on the off chance that he does have a meltdown. Sorry, I'm not much use, am I? lol. I am one of the lucky few parents whose children have never really had meltdowns/tantrums or anything like that in public. I've had crying in the supermarket type of thing but that's as bad as it's got for me, thank goodness! I hope someone has some suggestions for you. x
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i would possible suggest a buggy also. it may seem inconvenient to push around but you could let him walk with some sort of strap/backpack on and then in the event of a meltdown quickly bundle him into to chair, good thing about things like the mcklaren major is that a) they have a total harness so he is totally strapped in and b) you can get one off wheelchair services aswell so no cost to yourselves Smile

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I, too, would suggest getting a Major buggy from MacLaren. You can get them through your local whelchair serices but you my not have enough time. MacLaren have a website. I purchased one years ago when I was going abroad with my daughter who is a compulsary wheelchir user.
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You could have a look at our buggy section on Living made Easy site if you decide that is an option. It has information on a range of types of buggies with names of the suppliers. It also includes advice on how to access your wheelchair service providing your son meets the criteria.

Hope this is helpful.
Liz Allsop

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