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Does cannabis not give you the munchies?
Therefore the Munchies would make you put on weight anyway?
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i think thats the point dan, she gave them to increase his appetite!?
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i have got to say that there is no proof that it was the pot that changed her sons behaviour and not just age, matt was very aggressive when young and its only in last few years that his understanding has matured and he has calmed down a lot all this without pot.
she says she feared he would die cause he only weighed 40lb but that is not a symptom of autism there must have been something else wrong with him to be that weight. it cant have been because he wouldnt eat if he was happily eating brownies so he either has an overactive thryoid or something that causes it, she doesnt say anything about how it is helping his autism and only thing i can think of is it would make him so spaced out he wouldnt be bothered to have a tantrum. again what about the long term effects of pot? does she know if he is having hallucinations? what happens when he becomes immune to the effects? is she going to start using heroin? tbh the way she just kept staring at the camera when she wasnt speaking made me think she had been sharing her sons brownies anyway Big Grin

using cannabis for medical use is all well and good as long as the person taking it is aware of the risks and as its usually adults with a short life span then that is their choice if it makes what time they have left copeable, its all good especially if they can isolate the chemicals and make it legal but that will take years of testing and i will still not agree on the use of it for children unless they are at deaths door as we never know what long term use does until someone takes it long term
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that a good point, if he wasnt eating why did he eat the brownies, he would of ate them without weed in thier, there wasnt any mention of how it affected his autism
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I've heard of using it for MS and ME purely because it helps with pain relief. It generally has better effects than most pain killers as it is also a relaxant. however i would not give it to my child. i cans ee why some people would want to to relieve pain but not for putting on weight. Our son has a weight problem and we just feed him high calorie foods. He loves yums yums so that's handy. But to what extent would you really go as a parent if your child was suffering? xx
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