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Weighted blankets can be expensive and some parents are worried about the cost of them and then not having it work.
Here is a guide on how to make your own weighted blanket easily and with very little cost.
The average cost of this would be about £20-£30

Step 1
Cut some fabric into uniform square pieces and pin them to one of the blankets (Single quilt), placing them all on the same side.

Step 2
Stitch the fabric pieces into place, sewing them to the blanket (Quilt)on three sides and leaving the top open, effectively covering one of the blankets with pockets.

Step 3
Determine the amount of weight you'd like your blanket to have. You should add between 5 and 15 percent of the body weight of the user. For example, if the person who is planning to use the blanket weighs 120 pounds, add 6 to 18 pounds of weight.

Step 4
Measure the weighted material into easy-to-handle increments, placing ¼ to ½ pound of material into plastic storage bags. Seal the bags, pressing to remove as much air as possible.

Step 5
Insert the bags into the blanket pockets and then add a strip of Velcro to the pocket tops. This will enable you to easily open or close the pockets and adjust the amount of weight in the blanket or to remove the weights for laundering.
(A more expensive way of doing this would be to use some bean bags for filling the pockets)

Step 6
Place the second blanket on top of the first. Stitch them together on three sides, leaving one side open. Place Velcro along the open side of the blanket, allowing you access to the interior and the weights
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