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that was lovely to read, you and your daughter sound amazing. and your 3 tips have made me smile to, this reminds me to smile more often.
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It was great to read about your lovely daughter Smile goes to show they not always right!
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Its been nice to have two parents month after month offering a "Older" child/adult view point on things as we are all yet to go through the journeys so its great to see the other side.
Next month will be people newer to things Smile
Will be great to compare!
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I did wonder how relevant my experience would be Daniel, not just because of having an older child but because of her type of disability but everyone has been so kind SmileSmile
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i dunno father jack, i think its great that even with pain she is determined to live her life to the full and not let it slow her down which is more than a lot of adults do, and to do a job that requires a lot of training rather than just settle shows what a good job you have done in allowing her to grow up an independant young woman and she sounds a wonderful person who will do a wonderful job so the animals are going to be well looked after
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