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ooo that sounds lovely!! we just drove allll the way to disney paris with out vouchers booked through thomas cook.....that journey was sooooo long!! i think i would do a uk break next time, much less hassel!! the log cabin with hot tub sounds great though, where abouts was that?? Big Grin

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It is Hoseasons that do the lodge holidays http://www.hoseasons.co.uk/lodges/

Their search bit is quite good. You can specify where you want it, if you want it wheelchair friendly, a pool, hot tub, beach, golf, fishing, etc. etc.

The one we stayed in was in Yorkshire - http://www.westholme-estate.co.uk/holidays.html we stayed there for xmas.
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Thats a good tip for the holidays, we had a haven one a couple of years ago and I was so disappointed, as the caravan wasn't wheelchair friendly at all, and there was absolutely nothing my son could do in the Children club or disco etc, he couldn't even go in the pool as it was too cold and busy and scared him. I preferred the money for a break as we could book somewhere quieter and therefore more suitable. I'll look into the lodge holidays for next year!
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Hoseasons used to be great for lodges, we went just outside Dorchester one year and it was a huge lodge with a hot tub and sauna, loads to do and see on site and plenty of good local attractions too.
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Might have to look at these for the summer as im dying for a holiday!
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